I was here once before

by Frederick L. Hargrove 8/24/00 Copyright 2000 All rights reserved

I was here once before
As an African King ready to explore;
I conquered the land and the invaders
and I ruled over dictators.

I built great and lasting civilizations
This was one of my revelations;
I constructed the great pyramid
When I was only a kid.

My grandfather invented the alphabets, writing, mathematics and astronomy and the small tool
This type of information is not taught in your school;
I developed the greatest minds and left a body of literature for you to see
Isn’t this amazing what we can be?

I had a girlfriend by the name of Cleopatra
Who was a queen that lived in Africa;
We fell in love during the rule of my first dynasty
Sharing my rulership with her made it special to me.

I have appeared here in a place called America
It doesn’t look anything like the continent of Africa;
The black people that I see
Seem to have lost their history.

I was here once before
I don’t like what I see anymore.