allthatbookcover-200x315Lance Kojo was convinced that McIntyre Corporation would not give him an equal opportunity to demonstrate his God given talents. Lance would soon discover that his boss, Allen Frisco, had no plans to promote him as Vice President. Instead of waiting for the generosity of his boss to pour down on him, Lance created his own business. Lance developed an elaborate business strategy which proved to be successful. Lance was able to acquire 30 million dollars worth of Government contracts at the expense of his former employer. While Lance was a brilliant businessman, he struggled with relationships and was quite indecisive about his intentions with women until he met his enormously charming soul mate, Kenya Harden. This relationship took a passionate grip, stumbled, and blossomed into a great romance and partnership.

This book is about a man in pursuit of his dreams and a testament of an endearing relationship predicated on trust, respect, and love.
This novel is suspense filled, culturally thought provoking, incredibly sexy and full of romance.

Book Price – $15.95


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