From The Publisher’s Desk

Welcome to Nile River Press (NRP). It is indeed an honor to offer you a literary service that specializes in the publishing of books about the black experience. Nile River Press is an African-American owned publishing company. As publisher of NRP, I have always had the passion for books. It started in 1992, when I opened my first book store. I journeyed into the retail book business for 7 years but later realized that publishing was the appropriate course of action. Nile River Press was founded in July 2004. It is the goal of NRP to publish books on diverse subjects and provide books in the genre of fiction, non-fiction, mystery, biography and autobiography. NRP’s mission is to offer a quality service and provide great books to our readers.

NRP’s first book was published in September 2005 entitled “All that Glitters is not Gold”. This novel will be the first in a series of Lance Kojo novels. This novel is sexy, full of romance, culturally thought provoking and suspense filled. You will explore the world of Lance Kojo as he confronts the corporate culture of America and its challenges. You will witness how Lance Kojo liberates himself from McIntyre Corporation into the world of entrepreneurship. This novel will also expose you to the vulnerabilities and struggles of Lance Kojo’s personal life and relationships.

Quite often, the black perspective is erroneously reported, misrepresented and distorted in the literary business. It is our intent to publish books that will adequately represent the black experience and make our readers proud. We are excited about the products offered through NRP. We hope that you will enjoy the products offered through NRP.

Peace and Blessings,

Frederick L. Hargrove
Publisher & Author
Nile River Press, Inc.